Still focused on your business

In 2020 Univar Environmental Sciences was acquired by AEA Investors, and we became Veseris — an independent company 100% committed to serving environmental science customers with greater agility and a stronger sense of purpose.

With 7,500+ products from 800 supplier partners, and 77 locations across North America, we maintain a significant reach as a specialty products distributor. And with industry-leading digital services like PestWeb, ProTraining, and Inventory Manager, we’re making it easy to do business with Veseris — and empowering managers to do more with their businesses every day.

Most importantly, our 400 employees and 40+ years of history have proven to generations of professionals that Veseris will never stop working to create positive impact for our customers.

Leading with experience

Our people know your industry, and are committed to helping you find success.

Ken Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Rich

Chief Financial Officer

Jenn Porter

Chief Commercial Officer

William Abbe

Vice President of Marketing & Digital

Nate Tamialis

Vice President of Sales

Karl Kisner

Vice President of Product & Supplier Relations

Tom Perry

Vice President of Supply Chain

Rebekah Adams

Vice President of People

Doug Keller

Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions

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