Invade Bio Foam Super Concentrate 1G (4/CS)


• InVade Bio Foam should be applied liberally to all dirty areas other than food contact surfaces. Under and behind equipment are the most common areas to inspect. Drains should also be foamed.

• The foam should not be washed up - it should be left to slowly dissipate.

• Early mornings, or after close are the best times to apply - the product should be left undisturbed for as long as possible.

• For an initial complete clean out, typical restaurant kitchens should be budgeted at 1 to 2 hours of labor and 4 to 8 oz of Bio Foam concentrate (1 to 2 gallons diluted).

• Monthly foaming is ideal as a standard service in all types of commercial food accounts. Maintenance will require about half the time and material as the initial cleanout, as a rule of thumb.

• For best results, InVade Bio Foam should be used with the Foamer Simpson, or if a hose outlet is available, a hose-end foamer can be used to save time.

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InVade Bio Foam contains powerful microbes, foaming agent and great smelling natural citrus oil. InVade Bio Foam is diluted with water at a rate of 1 oz to a quart or 4 oz to a gallon, with the easy squeeze-n-measure bottle or gallon jug with pump top. The foam provides an extended contact time for the microbes to work.
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Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs
ID: 791382

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